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What are decimals?

How decimals connect to place value and which is bigger - the tenths or the hundredths?

Expanded form of decimals

Saying and writing decimals in words

Ordering and comparing decimals

 To order decimals you need to think about money. Do you want $0.5 or $0.10?

Well, 0.5 is the same as (or equivalent to) $0.50 or 50 cents.
But 0.10 is just 10 cents.
So don't get tricked - I hope you didn't choose 0.10 because you just lost 40 cents or $0.40!
Whichever decimal has the largest digit in the BIGGEST place value (the one furthest to the left) is the biggest number or amount of money.

This works just like the rest of our place value number system: the digits to the left are the most important because they are in the higher place values.

Practice with Bursting Decimal Balloons: make sure you pop the smallest decimal first, then keep working up from smallest to largest (ascending order).

Visit this decimals website which has HEAPS of fun activities and games all about decimals:

Rounding decimals

Converting between decimals, fractions and percentages

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