Learning the Language


Fractions, decimals and percentages is a very greedy topic when it comes to vocabulary. In fact, it is probably the most word-laden topic in the whole of math! Most, if not all, of these words will remain part of your mathematics studies in high school and onwards.
So, let's learn them as we go:

Project Option A - Vocabulary:  Create your own fractions, decimals and percentages definitions tool. You can use any medium: poster, Prezi, iMovie, etc. Each definition must have a common sense, written explanation (which can also be audio) and the more visuals, the better. If a word requires teaching, e.g. least common denominator, teach it using video or any other effective method. Have an awesome time representing your full understanding of the practically the whole topic. Excellent examples will be posted on our blog, and world-class ones will be posted to flippingcool for the world to see.

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