Adding and Subtracting Like Lightning

It's really important to be quick at adding and subtracting single-digits. I know it sounds easy, but you need to be lightning at it and be able to use all the strategies: doubles, near doubles, building to 10, add 10 and 100, and more.

Try building fact families to build on what you already know about addition to slam subtraction by clicking here.

Deliver the maths mail: Post-sorting.

So, here's a challenge for your last mission in awesome addition before the harder material, complete the game on this link. Change the settings to 2 minutes and 20 questions: Awesome Addition and Slamming Subtraction.

You can also play this cool ghosts game (alone or with a partner), read the instructions carefully and change the sums each game: Ghosts Busters Addition and Ghost Busters Subtraction.  

You can always play these quick revision game again too:
- Feed the aliens: quick subtraction facts.
Pirate dash: quick subtraction facts.
- Deep-sea diving: quick subtraction facts.
- Dinosaur eggs: number sentences with additions and subtraction.

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