Practice, Practice, Practice your Preferred Method

Choose your preferred method

Explain why you choose it in two sentences.

You don't become someone who can multiply overnight. It took over ancestors HUNDREDS of years to learn to multiply. Luckily, it won't take you that long. However, it will take practice and persistence.

Show 7 examples of your preferred method: each time use a different number of digits, e.g. 24 x 567, 78 x 96, 9 x 2987.

Solve each of these problems, using your preferred method

A. 56 fields each contained 32 cattle. How many cattle are there in total on the range?

B. I placed 24 lollies into each of the lolly bags for my 10th birthday party. How many lollies am I giving out in total?

C. 78 grandmas all yelled BINGO! at once, and each lost their 25 false teeth. How many false teeth are scrambled all over the floor?

D. 896 babies threw their dummies at their mums, but each baby actually had 7 dummies, not just one. How many dummies were thrown altogether?

E. A LEGO warehouse contains 52 cabinets. In each cabinet, there are 90 boxes of LEGO. Each box contains 344 pieces of LEGO. How much LEGO altogether?

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