Vertical Addition

Add each level to the next, see how large you can go by playing this pyramid addition game: Pyramid Game

Buy some mansions:
Using real estate brochures or a real estate website, purchase two houses at a time (one to live in and one holiday house). 
- Purchase 20 houses in total, (10 pairs), each time calculating the amount you would need to pay to the owners altogether for that transaction. You can cut the houses out or just write down their price. 
Tip: LINE UP THE PLACE VALUES CORRECTLY, otherwise you might be adding the tens to the hundreds, that might make your purchase VERY expensive, or you might miss out on your dream home!
e.g. not:                   yes: 
  5,600,780                       5,600,780
+403,021                      +     403,021
If you want, to reach your total of 20 houses, you can combine some purchases even more (e.g. buy 4 at a time and calculate the total).
- Once you've finished all 20 houses, figure out, altogether, what did you spend?

IXL Practice makes perfect

Year 3 C1

Year 3 C7

Year 3 C14

Year 3 C15 

Year 4 B1 - B2

Year 4 B6

Year 5 D1 - D2

Year 6 G1 - G2

Year 6 G6 - G7

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