What Division Means

What does Division really mean?

This video is long but it is excellent in terms of how it explains what division really means:

When you see these words, they mean division (or sometimes fractions, which is division's favourite pet):

Mission: Using some of these words, especially shared/split between, write five real-life division problems, e.g. I had 12 skateboards. I shared them with my three friends because I decided I like surfing better. How many skateboards did each of my three friends receive?

All the Symbols that mean Shared Between 

Now, we have to learn all the different ways division can be written or represented. That way, when someone shows it one way, you won't think it's really weird even though it is just another way to write division.

Mission: Write the 5 worded problems you wrote during mission 1 in all of the ways shown on the video clip.

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