Write Worded Addition and Subtraction Problems

There are not too many words to remember for addition:

Now write 5 addition worded problems using a different word from the picture each time.
E.g. I brought five ducks home from the farm AND ten cows. How many animals did I bring home ALTOGETHER?
E.g. Fred combined his $5 with his sister's $10. How much money do they now have in total?

Now subtraction vocabulary. There's more words for subtraction than for addition, so look carefully:

Remember that the bigger number has to come first: you TAKE AWAY the smaller number FROM the bigger number.

Now write 5 worded subtraction problems using some of the words above.
E.g. I had 20 oranges, but I gave away 8 to my footy coach to make us all a snack at half time. How many oranges do I have left?
E.g. Eltham Wild Cats scored 48 points on the weekend. The Saints scored 76. How much did the Saints win by? (Or: What was the difference between the scores?). (Or: How much more did the Saints score compared to the Wild Cats?).

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