Jump Method

Become a mathematics kangaroo:

This is a great picture of the jump method, but there's one mistake. Can you spot it?

(The mathematician who completed the top one should've started from the bigger number first, 35 + 24, because that would've been easier and quicker).

You can practice the jump method using the same games as the split method:
Also try these fun games at home versing a partner:
- Pull, Jump to Add: Pull out 4 cards. Make the smallest two two-digit numbers you can using the four cards. Add these together by drawing a line starting from the larger method. Jump till you've added the other number. The person with the lowest total wins.
- The Greatest: Roll two dice. Make a number. Roll the dice again. Make another two-digit number. Add these numbers together using the jump strategy by drawing a line and starting from the largest number. The player with the greatest total wins.

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